Amber Deterrent Collar 25 – 30 cm


Amber deterrent collar with adjustable metal clasp. Made of raw, natural, unpolished Baltic amber.

Length to adjust from 25 to 30 cm. Weight 12 g.

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Protection against parasites is an important part of responsible care for a four-legged pet. One of the increasingly popular methods of deterring ticks is the amber collar. Only raw, unpolished amber, showing a specific electrical resistance and characterised by an intense, resin-spicy scent, is effective. A small electrostatic charge, generated by rubbing the collar against the hair of the four-legged, prevents insects from attaching to the animal’s fur. The tick, after experiencing a slight electric shock, detaches itself from the dog’s coat. The collar is effective and looks beautiful. Safe for people and animals, it does not cause side effects to the environment. Can be used on all pets, regardless of age.

The amber collar deterring ticks has a metal, adjustable clasp, which allows to adjust the accessory to the individual needs of our pet. We recommend that you measure your pet’s neck carefully before placing an order. If in doubt, please contact us with the right size.

Like all the jewellery and ornaments available in our shop, the amber collar was made in our workshop in Gdansk with particular attention to precision and quality of materials used. The products presented by us have a certificate of authenticity and are made of natural Baltic amber, which is a valued jewellery stone. At the individual request of a client, there is a possibility to help in the selection of an appropriate pattern or set of jewellery, gift packaging and personalization – we will gladly answer your questions via the Contact tab.

Additional information

Weight 12 g
Długość regulacji

25 do 30 cm

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